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Sara and Charles’s 50th wedding anniversary!

God has blessed your marriage with memories to treasure,
of faith & trust along the way of love too deep to measure;
and brought to you as husband and wife the happiness of knowing that
He, who fills your cup of life, will keep it overflowing.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

Happy 50th   / Kim
You are the rock of the family!  Your love, strength and guidance inspires each of us.  Happy 50th Mom and Dad.  We love you!
Happy anniversary   / Wendy
You always say: "Marriage may be made in heaven, but the maintenance must be done on earth."  Thanks for showing us how to do that maintenance.  John and I hope to be just like you!
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Golden Moments
Family Memories..  
Growing up , we loved to play games--especially those you can play outdoors. One winter night, we wanted to play hide and seek but due to the chill factor Mom and Dad decided to change the rules.

We turned out every light in the house and gave each pair (we paired everyone up to make it more difficult) a flashlight. One pair was "it" while the other two pairs had to hide together. After counting to 100, the "it" pair had to search for the others using their flashlight. We had a blast! One side note, however, if you decide to do this activity and are close friends with your neighbors, you might want to let them in on what you are doing.

Our neighbors saw the flashlights and called while we were playing. They figured if we were home, we would answer the phone, and if it was a burglar and no one answered, they would call the police! Good thing we chose to answer the phone!
Mom loves her garden -- and loves looking at other people's gardens. We have always been in awe of her green thumb! One our family favorite quotes is...
"This garden was made by doing impractical things we could not afford at the wrong time of year" -- Henry Mitchell
It never matters when Mom plants .. they always grow!
Falling in love  

Mom, I just love reminiscing about the story of how you and dad met.  About how you have had a ups and downs and still are madly in love with each other after 50 years together.  You guys are the best!  I love you so much and feel so blessed to have you as my parents.

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